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Product Support FAQs

What is camera ready art?

Camera ready art are graphics files that are ready to send to the printer. For black & white logos file, a photo with the color removed is gray scale - not black & white. Gray scale graphics can not be used. In some cases they can be converted to black and white.

Can I use a web graphic for a logo?

No - we need a higher quality file for printing. A density of 300 DPI (dots per inch) is needed for printed materials and web graphics are often only 72 DPI. Ask the person who designed your graphic for a 300 DPI version of it.

How do I choose the style of form I need?

There are many sizes, colors and formats available. We can produce continuous checks, voucher checks, laser checks, multi-part laser forms (NEW!), snapsets, edge glued fan apart sets, two to five part carbonless forms, register forms, doorknob hangers, covered books for items like sales slips or receipts, appointment pages, envelopes in many sizes, single sheets, and 110 lb Index stock.

Can my organization operate without electricity?

It seems that the ability to operate through out an emergency is a necessity these days. We carry paper forms as a back up for retail stores, contractors, garages, jewelers & more. Make sure you can still function if you are without power.

How expensive is a custom form?

The expense depends mostly on the quantity you order. Usually for 500 forms it is cheaper to buy a stock form. But remember it may not be cheaper to USE a stock form because you are paying for your employee's time too. At 1000 forms it is usually the same price for our custom forms as for our stock forms.