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Custom Forms

Choose the style of form you need. There are many sizes, colors and formats available. We can produce continuous checks, voucher checks, laser checks, multi-part laser forms, snapsets, edge glued fan apart sets, two to five part carbonless forms, register forms, doorknob hangers, covered books for items like sales slips or receipts, appointment pages, envelopes in many sizes, single sheets, and 110 lb Index stock.

Custom forms are faster for employees to fill out than stock forms. With our custom forms, you can capture the exact information you need.

How do I design a custom form? Most people start with an existing product, or if nothing is close, then take a good look at your current forms. What do your employees write in the margins because there is not enough room? What is written on sticky notes? What new information is missing?

If we have something similar to what you want, request a free sample, photocopy it, and mark it up with your changes. Or just draw on a page the general format of what you have in mind. To give you an accurate price quote we will need to know a few details. The most important thing influencing the price is the quantity you want and the size of the page. There are other options too such as page numbering, number of copies, and bindings.

Need a contract that has specific wording for your state or business? It's easy to see that check boxes are faster than writing by hand. Save your people time and let us create a form that's much faster to fill out. We can create professional looking forms with up to 5 parts. The forms can be glued at the top, have perforations, have text printed on the back of the pages, and many other options.

Samples and Examples

Custom Form
Quantity 1000, three part laser forms, carbonless manual form, one ink color: black, no perforations, no back printing, with numbering, paper size is 8.5 " x 11".

Please call for a price quote 1 703 815-0900. Cost averages about $325 for a qty of 1000. plus shipping and sales tax. This could be used for almost anything.


Many paper sizes are available!

Custom Form
Quantity 1000: 3 part carbonless forms - snap set in one ink color: black, no perforations, no back printing, no numbering, paper size 8.5 " x 11".

Please call for a price quote. Cost averages $275. plus shipping and sales tax. This form could be used for a contract, manual service order, or proposal.


Form FAQs

How expensive is a custom form?

The expense depends mostly on the quantity you order. Usually for 500 forms it is cheaper to buy a stock form. But remember it may not be cheaper to USE a stock form because you are paying for your employee's time too. At 1000 forms it is usually the same price for our custom forms as for our stock forms.

Product Order FAQs


Custom Forms
Your colors and logo make a big difference in the appearance of your custom forms.

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